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Glamour: There's so many fantastic lines in the show. Jennifer Grey: My favorite is when Richard Kind (Sam) says, "A C is like a Jewish F!" When I met with Greg Jacobs, I read that part of the script and laughed out loud, which is always a great sign.Jennifer: They just blew out the bangs and then they would pump up the volume with a curling iron so it was a little less modern.Judy doesn't really wear '80s clothes yet. Parents sometimes aren't cutting age, or they're a couple years behind, so that's why she's not quite displaying '80s style. Jennifer: When I came to the pilot, it was written as a woman who had a Billie Jean King haircut, and I was desperate to establish [the look].Gage: It was for sure odd—I was staying in the city on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and driving two hours in traffic to the set, and you'd drive through all these trees.

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[] The only thing I loved was when I was in the lingerie with Barry because it was such a great environment and everyone in the crew was so incredibly sweet and put me at ease.Jennifer: Richard and I actually waited tables at this place called The Saloon in the summer of '82 in New York City.It was the restaurant across the street from Lincoln Center, and it would fill up before curtain and it would be a crazy rush for an hour and a half and then be empty.It's the most naked I've ever been on a set.Glamour: Jennifer, had you known Paul Reiser and Richard Kind before you started the series?

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