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Rodriguez, 41, was tapped as a Fox Sports studio analyst, multiyear deal announced by the network on Tuesday.The three-time American League MVP retired after 22 seasons --- a tenure that included two performance-enhancing drug scandals --- in August.As America mourned, the Westboro Baptist Church picketed.Protesting at funerals and other profound events has been the church's modus operandi since the cult-like sect's late founder, Fred Phelps — who died March 19 at age 84 — protested at a local park in 1991 after a city refused to stop "gay activities" there.(📸: @nytimes)A post shared by Alex Rodriguez (@arod) on Lopez was seen backstage with Rodriguez at one her recent shows concert at the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort and Casino, according to lovebscott.com, the first outlet to report the budding relationship on Wednesday.Both Rodriguez and Lopez have two children from prior marriages.Lopez, 47, liked the Instagram photo that Rodriguez posted where he wrote he was “excited” to join Fox Sports.

(Tattoo traditions among groups such as Celtic and Croatian Catholics emerged separately and at a later date.) With the advent of the Crusades beginning in 1095, the existing practice of tattooing pilgrims to the Holy Land expanded to the European visitors.

The Topeka, Kan.-based church has spread its gospel — primarily, that the nation is doomed because of its acceptance of homosexuality — by showing up to protest during some of America's darkest hours, STORY: Phelps' death may mean end of Westboro church OBIT: Fred Phelps, anti-gay Westboro Baptist founder, dies at 84BOOK REVIEW: 'Banished' describes life inside Westboro Their signs have included "God sent the killer" and "God hates f---," and their beliefs garnered a "hate group" label from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The church, founded in 1955, claims to have picketed 53,000 events.

Wassim Razzouk, 43, is a tattoo artist descending from a centuries-long line in the trade: 700 years to be exact.

“We are Copts, we come from Egypt, and in Egypt there is a tradition of tattooing Christians, and my great, great ancestors were some of those tattooing the Christian Copts,” he told me.

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