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I would never have been able to pursue my university education were it not for her personal and financial sacrifices (and those of my father and sisters). Although he learned English and French at school, he taught himself Italian so well that he speaks it as fluently as he speaks Arabic.

When my sisters and I were children, my mother and father (both of whom were 1948 Palestinian refugees who, along with their families, fled the Palestinian city of Jaffa to escape advancing Zionist forces, losing all their belongings in the process) would always tell us "we do not have wealth to bequeath to you, only education.

From Edward Said, I learned much of what I know about culture, rep- resentation, and empire.

I thank him for his support and intellectual engagement.

Colonial Effects Colonial Effects The Making of National Identity in Jordan Joseph A. I began reading Edward Said when I was a fresh- man in college. His work has had the Xll Acknowledgments greatest influence on my intellect and my work.

Massad COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS NEW YORK COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS Publishers Since J 893 New York Chichester, West Sussex Copyright © 2001 Columbia University Press All rights reserved Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Massad, Joseph Andoni, 1 963 — Colonial effects: the making of national identity in Jordan / Joseph Andoni Massad p. His help and support in and out of class went beyond the call of duty.

A 956.9504'3-dc21 2001028017 © Casebound editions of Columbia University Press books are printed on permanent and durable acid-free paper.

I have enjoyed thinking about, researching, and writing it in ways I did not anticipate.

I would like to begin by thanking Lisa Anderson, my professor and advisor, for believing in this proj- ect and for supporting it despite her initial misgivings about its unorthodox methodology.

I have been helped and guided by many colleagues, friends, and family members in the years since this project began.

The loving friendship I received from Salam 'Arif Al-Rubay'i sustained me throughout that period.

All three provided me with much-needed com- panionship, forming with my family a support system without which Amman would have been a much lonelier place. In my research efforts, I was helped by a number of people in Amman.

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