Updating netopia dsl modem not sure about online dating

Occasionally it will happen in the evenings (no big problem), but it happens every day at am without fail (big problem because my wife works from home in the mornings and must have an internet connection).After 30-50 minutes it will start back up on its own.If you do not have any domain name registered you can purchase a domain name via this wizard by choosing the option “I want to purchase a new domain name”.

You have successfully configured your server to use domainname.extension.I've talked to Century Link, our ISP, and they say its a problem in the modem firmware (version QM02-7.8.4r10).They've run a diagnostic on our line and say there has been no interuption of service on their end.Now we have to fill in our domain name with extension.By default SBS use remote.domainname.extension for remote access.

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