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Formerly, individual or shared confession was a condition to receive the Lord's Supper.An official confession ritual still exists, but is now used very rarely.The priest takes a starting point in the text of that Sunday, but is free to form a personal message of it.

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This accounts for the Common Prayer following the sermon, where the priest is obliged to mention the royal house.Historically, there is a contrast between a liberal current inspired by N. These tensions have sometimes threatened to divide the Church.Tidehverv is a minor fraction based on a strict Lutheranism and anti-modern, national-conservative views.However, the church is still widely used for traditional family ceremonies including christenings and confirmations.In the year 2015, 33.8% of weddings Revised versions of the Old and New Testament were authorised by the Queen in 1992. Both the Bible translations and the Hymn Book implied widespread public and theological debate. Grundtvig and more strict, pietist or Bible fundamentalist movements (such as Indre Mission).

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