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Men were still swooning at my neck while dancing to Prince and Michael Jackson and all the other women wore loud, booming fragrances. The horror of the first version by PI was enough to make me cry.

It was a chemical disaster that turned rancid immediately. When Elizabeth Arden started producing it I had hope.

I am a big fan of soapy scents, they just seem to work with my skin where other fragrances like citrus seem to clash with my body chemistry. The florals are weak and distant- not like fresh flowers. It was an animal rescue charity and numerous celebrities were there. I'd even recommend this one as a blind-buy, if you know that you like: powdery, floral, floral-sweet fragrances, that is. This review is for the Elizabeth Arden version of White Shoulders.

It does transport me to my childhood, I feel a bit like I’m back in the 1980s but in a good way. I guess anything that still smells wearable after 70 years deserves a round of applause, but this is probably not something I would wear. My mom and a few of my friends used to call me "Doris Day" because I resemble her. I have the cologne, eau de parfum, and the perfume. I've never smelled the original, which might be superior. The eau de parfum is the best strength in my opinion.

You are NOT in any way Evyan's original White Shoulders parfum/EDT any more and haven't been for years, but instead you're a mere caricature of your former self.

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White Shoulders is one of the first fragrances produced by Evyan of New York City. @Jadeopal I didn’t think to read by whom I just assumed by Eyven until I saw your post. Mind Looks just like the photo here, the splash kind lol.

This is a tragedy, tainted by too much tweaking into a stinker that gobsmacks my sensibilities.

I am ever so thankful that I stocked up on the real you, your original creation by Evyan, as well as Evyan's Most Precious and Great Lady perfumes.

As a perfume created to compete with fine French perfumery, well, there has been no comparison, then or now.

Only Aveda's #6 personal blend or the original Love, has the same radiant quality that White Shoulders did. I have purchased vintage versions and sadly, they have broken down.

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