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Featues an avenue of Wellingtonia trees (Giant Redwoods) This patch of open access arable land is adjacent to Hainault Forest, one of the country's most important historical woodland landscapes, dating as far back as 1130. Dating back over 400 years, Hoe Wood is ancient woodland that was once coppiced.A thriving deer population has hindered recent attempts to reintroduce this traditional practice.The 50-acre Cockaynes Wood nature reserve also includes a former quarry, dry heath, grassy meadows and shallow water ponds.

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West: Pheasanthouse Wood North: Birch Wood South: Little Baddow Heath, Poors Piece and Scrubs Wood.

20km of unsurfaced paths provide access for walkers, cyclists and horse riders but can be muddy and slippery after rain. Friday Woods is a nature reserve/army training area located on Bounstead Road in Colchester.

Part of the Roman River Site of Special Scientific Interest, it is an ancient woodland, modified in places by plantations of conifers and sweet chestnut.

Ancient coppice woodland consisting largely of small-leaved lime, a species once the most common species in ancient lowland woodland, but now rarely seen.

Geoffrey Garnet was given this land in 1165 whilst a knight in the service of King Henry II..

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