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Since the trio is Hashimoto Ryosuke, Sanada Yuma and Nozawa now I will be calling them by the group name they had briefly before being split up, TOP3.Tackey stays on stage for the opening talk that gives us the theme of the episode, Deai (a meeting). It has the same break down as the past couple of months with the usual Junior groupings singing the songs and at the end all singing the last song of the medley together. They each read a fan letter from a fan of the member and that is about it.VIVE LES DRAMAS lol DRAMAS MIS : 62 FILMS MIS: 10 SOIT EN TOUT : 72 dramas ACTEURS MIS: 95 ACTRICES MISES: 42 SOIT EN TOUT:137 acteurs ******DRAMAS****** A Love to Kill Anego Atashinchi no Danshi Bad Family Bambino! I Proposal Daisakusen Princess Princess D RHplus Romantic Princess Ryuusei No Kizuna Save the last dance for me / The last dance is with me / Save Your Last Dance For Me Sapuri Sore wa, Totsuzen, Arashi no you ni... Sungkyunkwan Scandal Tantei Gakuen Q Teppan Shoujo Akane !!Byakkotai Bloody Monday Boys Before Flowers / Boys Over Flowers Buzzer Beat~Gakeppuchi no Hero~ Code Blue Coffee Prince Dangerous Love Devil Beside You Dragon Zakura First Kiss Full House Gokusen Gokusen 2 Gokusen 3 Goong Hana Yori Dango Hana Yori Dango 2 Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Heaven's Tree Ikebukuro West Gate Park Iljimae It Started With A Kiss Kamen Rider Kiva Kami no Shizuku Kimi wa petto Kisarazu Cat's Eye Kurosagi Liar Game Liar game 2 Love contract Maou Mars My Girl Nobuta Wo Produce Orthros No Inu Otomen Pi Li MIT P.

Perfect19 ~ Unstoppable Mariage20 ~ Lovely Complex21 ~ A Millionaire's First Love22 ~ Frivolous Wife23 ~ L For Love L For Lies24 ~ Love Is Not All Around25 ~ My Little Bride26 ~ Old Miss Diary27 ~ Sophie's Revenge28 ~ The Perfect Couple29 ~ Almost Love30 ~ Jenny & Juno31 ~ The Art Of Seduction32 ~ 2 Faces Of My Girlfriend33 ~ Love So Divine34 ~ My Boyfriend Is Type B35 ~ My Mighty Princess36 ~ She's On Duty37 ~ Windstruck38 ~ Hello Stranger39 ~ Hello School Girl40 ~ The Longest 24 Months41 ~ Marrying High School Girl42 ~ Crows Zero I43 ~ Postman To Heaven44 ~ Love Is Elsewher45 ~ Formula 1746 ~ 6 Years In Love47 ~ Death Note l, ll & lll48 ~ A Little Thing Called Love49 ~ Temptation Of Wolves50 ~ Why Did You Come To My House?We have a new letter reading corner for the season, Heisei Post, that has members of Hey! This will not be a favorite segment but it is bearable as it moves along more briskly than Shiroyagi to Kuroyagi did.The segment is followed by HSJ performing a new song, Chance to Change, which is a B-side on their second single, Dreams come true.The type B LE comes with a bonus CD that is titled Kis-My-Zero and will feature seven songs from their Junior days.The songs that have been announced for this are: Firebeat, Inori, Good-bye Thank you, Endless Road & 3D Girl.

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