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I just stood at her doorway and enjoyed looking at her.

I could feel my dick starting to get hard inside my jeans.

Don't get me wrong, I love all parts of a woman, but I notice a cute ass faster than anything.

With Mom laying on her belly, her cute ass was there for me to look at.

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I said "Well, I would like nothing better than for you to be naked around me, so why keep hiding it? I would love looking at you." She smiled and said "I am sure you would.

From age 12 to age 18, I did not know that when I left for school each day, my step Mom would strip down, and be naked all day.

I suppose she was what some would call a home nudist, meaning she was not nude around others, only at home. It was on a Saturday and I was supposed to be gone to work all day, but, things were slow at work and they let me off about 2 ½ hours early. When I came home, around 3 pm, I headed upstairs to my bedroom.

Finally, she just happened to turn her head toward the door and she saw me. She did not act mad, nor move quickly to cover herself up. I came down the hall to say 'Hi' and was surprised with what I saw. It just surprised me, and I couldn't get myself to walk away.

She just stayed in that same position and said "Well, I knew you were eventually going to catch me naked." Then she laughed, as she said "Enjoying the view? Gosh, you are so beautiful." Then I said "What do you mean 'I would eventually catch you naked?

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