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Thus, rumors have risen that Cyndi and Jiro’s relationship have turned sour due to the criticisms and rating.Some staff members of the drama also reported that Cyndi and Jiro’s interactions were awkward during the filming.Cyndi’s manager, Zhang Jia Rong, declined such claims and stated that Cyndi’s relationship with a co-star wouldn’t turn sour just because of a bad series.Zhang further expressed confidence in Cyndi by stating that her acting and popularity have long been proven in “La robe de Mariee des cieux” and “Smiling Pasta.” However, Cyndi was in tears in front of the media recently due to the pressure that is put on her.At first I wanted to see this drama because Ken, Jiro and Cyndi were in it, but then the plot wasn't very interesting..especialy compared to AC's story.Although Vanness is probly the only actor I'd really want to watch AC for since i don't know the other people, I find AC a lot more interesting.In December 2011, He also went to Shen Zhen, China, to film a Mainland TV series, Refueling Mother/Happy Mother (加油妈妈/幸福妈妈).

Understandably, if the drama is well received, the cast can choose to do less promotional activities or even none at all. But I dunno if it's a good series or not...haven't watched it yet and don't plan on watching it either. =D I don't think its fair to criticise the cast, specifically Jiro and Cyndi because if there isn't a good script, no matter how good of an actor you are ...

In the same year, He also released his second book Le Retour Du Sud De La France (南法寄出) on 21 September 2011.

Since its release, it has received relatively positive responses from both the media and fans. In 2012, He filmed two films, The Golden Couple (金童玉女) and Bad Girls (女孩坏坏).

In 2005, he starred in two TV series, Express Boy with Hsu Wei-lun, and Devil Beside You, opposite Rainie Yang and Kingone Wang. He also acted in the Taiwanese TV series Bull Fighting, alongside the Taiwanese singer and S. In 2009, He co-starred in a Taiwanese TV series Calling For Love with Charlene Choi.

It was directed by Lin He Long who has already worked with He in Devil Beside You, Why Why Love and Infernal Lover.

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