Full episodes of diff'rent strokes online dating

I watched a few FOL episodes recently and couldn't believe how thinly veiled its lesbian overtones were.

They start out in a boarding school but go on to establish what's basically a commune.

I mean the show actually felt like a sitcom during the last 3 years.

The best episode is where Toddie went off to NY to see Jermaine Jackson. The show was a spinoff of Different Strokes but after Facts' second season they stopped having crossevers.

And there are almost NO MEN except for George Clooney, fictional off screen boyfriends like Snake, and rapists (both Natalie and Jo are attacked).

As for the last 2 Cloris Leachman seasons, well I kinda hated them. Before she was on the FOL, she played Mrs Butterworth and Eliza Doolittle and was Fred Sanford's grandkid on ABC.

The sad fact is that for a stand up comic she wasn't funny at all.

The thing that irratated me the most was that she was in her last episode towards the end of Season 5 and then gone.

I sometimes have the reruns playing in the background while I'm getting ready for bed.

Kim Fields, as Tootie, is the worst actress of the four girls.

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