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We will look forward to meeting you both in person at our London Corporate HQ" Paul demurred."This is all so quick, are you sure it's for real" he said, "it sounds too good to believe." "Well yes it is real, and we are definitely going, it's an offer too good to miss." Sabi smiled at her husband and then stuck her tongue out at him."Let's go to bed honey" she purred "and you can try to get hard by closing your eyes and imagining me being fucked by some big black cocked stud"!

I just don't feel we have a sexy enough live any more, not like we had when we started dating." "Paul!One other thing, based on your bio and picture you sent we feel that you will fly through the interview, please send us a few glamour shots of yourself if you have any, so that we can begin to compile them into the new CUC Kittens brochure we are preparing.We look forward to meeting you and your cuckold on Wednesday.' Sabi was a little intrigued by CUC referring to Paul as her cuckold, it must be because of the site that they were recruiting from she thought, well they can call him what they want she thought, and they're giving me £4,000 to spend just for an interview after all.Paul is 55 years old and I (Sabrina) am 37 years old.We are both healthy and disease-free, Paul is a non-smoker, and I am a casual smoker.

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