Badr hari vs patrice quarteron online dating

In cooperation with FIGHT GLOBE, Golden Cage presents GFC 4 live from Dubai on October 16th 2014. Watch more episodes at Satanmuang Lek Numponthep Muaythai (Thanawat) from Ubon Ratchathani.The event will include a super-fight with Badr Hari vs Patrice Quarteron and FIGHT GLOBE' S own Melvin Manhoef to compete in a the 4 man tournament battling for AED 1 million cash prize. He considered as one of the top Muaythai Fighter in 2017.

But GFC has now removed Quarteron from the card after stating that he has been marketing the fight in an "unprofessional" manner. "I think he is a social media champion but he didn't do a lot in the ring.- - - - - - - - - For the first time World-Wide, 6 of Bangkok's…Dubai: Two-time French and European Muay Thai champion and current IKF Muay Thai Super Heavyweight World Champion Patrice Quarteron has promised no mercy for reigning Dubai champion Badr Hari in their Global Fighting Championship (GFC) bout next weekend.I think he made some mistakes [and that is why] this fight didn't go through."What is important for me is that I signed a contract with GFC to fight whoever they want to bring me.

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